lunes, 14 de abril de 2008

He: J.A.D

He drinks beer everyday, not everyone... just Stella. And if he goes out of his place, he looks for the strongest one, the bitter one, the biggest one; and he doesn't really care about what people could say, he really doesn't give a shit.

He also smokes everyday, not just one or two, he probabbly smokes almost a full box and it has to be CAMEL.

He is not too young, not even an old man, even when this year he is going to turn 40. He looks like a 30 years old man, he doesn't have any hair over his head, but surely you will find a weird tiny beard on his chin.

He has amazing blue eyes, but he also wear a pair of blue contact lenses and he never wants to talk about it.

He wear earings, a pair of big golden ones. He can't drink wine but he love it, he is an sleepwalker and sometimes he can call you sleeping and can't remember anything the next day. He has a particular taste in music but he also can enjoy classic ones.

He is kind of shy and really REALLY polite. He can sing and play the guitar, also the harmonica.

He is really thin (thinner these days) and a Ridley Scott's fan. He is a kind man and a romantic one too. He never get mad, he can treat you like his princess and always respect what you want, he never complain. He is faithful and honest, he is maybe not a "good memory guy" but he can remember those details.

He loves great food and doesn't have any fears in try new things. He has a lot of friends, hate pets, but he could have a fish at home.

He loves loud music, and NatGeo, he likes skinny bodies (he is skinny too). He has some skin problems but always looks great. He loves jeans (but the ones tight at the bottom), pointy boots and weird t-shirts, loves leather and never let go his watch, rings and bracelet.

He has a sweet voice and always smile when he hear your voice, he has an incredible laugh and even when he is laughing about some silly things you will want to laugh too.

He is everywhere, here and there, he makes me happy, even when I don't have him by my side. He is the one I love, he is the one I let it go (precisely because I love him).


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