miércoles, 23 de enero de 2008

Misunderstood.... the way how women can be so pushy!!

She: something happen with you?
He: no I just sent you a song
She: yes
She: I'm receiving it
She: I'm just asking
She: 'cause you are weird
He: what??
She: not as usual
He: :(
He: I am fine!!!
She: why that face?
He: cause you said I am weird
She: acting weird...
She: that
She: not as usual
She: but ook
She: if you say that everything is ok
She: ok
He: everything is 100% ok
She: good for you
He: what did I do?
He: that is weird?
She: no
She: oh
She: nothing
She: is just a feeling
He: so stop it!!
He: I am just the same as normal
She: ok
She: for give me
He: of course
He: wow baby
She: what?
He: come on
She: what happen?
He: its difficult enough communicating using msn
He: if I was felling different I would tell you
He: feeling
She: ok
He: you know me
She: yes
He: I am so straight with you!!

you are so kissable
He: milliones
He: de besos
She: ok
She: kiss me
She: but
She: baby
He: what?
He: I will shave first!!
She: perfect
She: but another thing
He: yes????
She: I cant kiss you
He: why?????
He: not
She: well... you know... im not use to kiss a boy who is not my boyfriend...........
She: yes here i am
He: well.......
She: :">
He: babes
He: I do not have eyes for anyone else
He: and I spend all my spare time talking to you
She: I know honey
He: and te quiero
She: I guess I'm just being silly
She: "te quiero" ?
He: te amo
She: I know...
She: me too
She: so I guees I'm just being silly
He: so where does that put us??
He: in the boyfriend/girlfriend status
She: what do you think?
He: hehe
He: if I was there
He: you would be sooooooo my girlfriend
He: more
She: ok
He: but since I am not
She: ok I got it
He: I will just have to live in hope that you will wait for me
He: and then
He: no actually, I consider this as the beginning of a beautiful affair
She: affair???
He: I mean relationship
He: as in affairs of the heart
He: difficult
She: what is difficult?
He: but beautiful
She: ok
She: got it
He: not easy
He: far away
She: ok
He: ok
He: honey
She: yes
He: time for bed
She: ok
He: coming?
She: I cant
She: I'm far away
He: baby
He: oh dear
He: explain
He: ???
She: what do you want me to explain?
He: what you mean
He: I am coming to see you because
He: I have fallen in love with you
He: is that ok??
He: this is something so special for me
He: ????
She: I know
He: so?
He: ??
He: you know I love you
He: and I would love it if you wanted to be my girlfriend
He: I almost think of you like that
He: I would love that
He: thats what I want
He: are you??
She: I love you
He: but did you see what I said?
She: I'm reading now
She: I want the same baby
She: I want what you want
He: so there you go!!
He: I love you
He: and I want so much to be with you

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Melisa Marin dijo...

Que romantico!
Ya casense caracho!

Chanita dijo...

jajajaa no somo jodidas las mujeres? jajajajajaa